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The Coldest of the Cool

Music was infinitely better when I was in high school.

A Place To Roll Out My Mat

If you’ve never practiced yoga or been interested in yoga, then feel free to surf on, my friend. This post won’t interest you much.


I started to experiment with backbends and got down with downward-facing dog close to a decade ago.  The feeling that coursed through my veins after a session was euphoric on levels more than the physical.  It was something that kept me grounded and held my mental focus for an hour or 45 minutes or however long I practiced.  Like anything else that’s fleeting or temporary, the euphoria soon drained from my veins and I would float from practice to practice with often months between planting my feet on a mat. 

In yoga, I’m a follower and not a leader.  Part of what helps me maintain focus is allowing a leader to push me through the postures so that I can focus on stilling my mind.  With that being the case, practicing on my own at home was virtually a non-option.  Though a yoga studio sounds like the obvious option, anyone that has ever dropped-in or signed-up knows that it’s not an inexpensive endeavour.  If I’m honest with myself, cost has been my primary reason for not committing to a regular practice in the past.

The other half of the commitment equation relates to finding a studio.  I have practiced at studios both on Vancouver Island and throughout Vancouver.  Many were great, some were not - none ever felt like “home” to me.

At the end of December, after repeatedly flexing through the few Rodney Yee videos we have in our rec room, I came to the clear conclusion that I needed to commit to my practice.  If I was going to reap the immense benefits of yoga, the only way was to make a commitment.  Sporadic practice will achieve sporadic results. 

Having taken one free Yin class at a YYOGA location earlier in the year, I decided to grab my true blue mat and explore another of their class options.  When I arrived, I was presented with a drop-in option or a five-class purchase option.  I chose the latter because I figured it would facilitate, at the very least, an attempt to a commitment. 

Fast-forward five classes.  I have become a studio member.  There’s a saying in yoga that “when the student is ready, the right teacher will appear.  It sounds like a little hokey, I’ll admit, but for me I truly believe this to be the case.  I’ve found a leader for my hatha practice that is so closely aligned on all levels with what I desire to achieve from yoga.

It has been exactly one month since I first pushed open the door at YYOGA.  My body is stronger.  My mind feels sharper.  My lower back no longer screams at me after a day of sitting at my desk.  My posture is lean.  My hips and pelvis are almost always neutral.  I sometimes find myself in tree pose while brushing my teeth.

Anyone that you know who practices yoga will likely rave exuberantly to you about how much it has changed their life.  You’ve probably rolled your eyes at them or smiled and politely nodded.  You may be rolling your eyes right now (most of you likely are).  But trust me… yoga has changed my life.

S**t Yogis Say

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Guilty Pleasure

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